Fish Pedicure

Our Centres

We work nationwide with beauty salons and spas to deliver you the ultimate fish pedicure experience.

Our associated centres are individually selected to ensure your treatment is of the highest standard ensuring a clean, relaxing and fun experience.

Typical Fish Pedicure Service Rates

15 Minutes - From £10
30 Minutes - From £15
45 Minutes - From £25
60 Minutes - From £30

Rates May Vary Depending On Centre Location

Discounts Usually Available on Group Bookings

Your service will require you to put feet in warm water & observe the Garra Rufa fish as they gently perform their work on your feet.

Please ensure that your feet are clean when you visit our centres. Towels can be provided upon request.

Our fish pedicure centres operate a walk-in service which means you do not have to make appointments.

Fish Pedicure Safety


The Health Protection Agency (HPA) and Health Protection Scotland are currently unaware of any cases of infection associated with the use of fish spas pedicures in the UK.

Based on theoretical evidence and expert opinion, the HPA deems the risk of catching an infection from a Garra rufa fish foot spa to be very small. However, following a number of enquiries to the HPA from local environmental health officers, the HPA, Health Protection Scotland and the Health and Safety Laboratory are currently examining the most up to date evidence and will publish practical advice to help both salons and the public to minimise any possible risk in due course.

Fish Pedicure Videos